Meet the RT-1000

Multiple outdoor tasks, one powerful robot

  • Save tens of thousands by buying a multi-tasking robot
  • Advanced sensor technology for obstacle detection
  • Reduce operational risk with photos, timestamps & reporting

The First Self-Driving Outdoor Robot Transforms from Commercial Field Mower to Snow Clearing Robot

Left Hand Robotics has created a state-of-the-art, fully autonomous outdoor robot designed as a scalable platform that allows customers to complete multiple tedious outdoor tasks. 

Benefits of the Left Hand Robotics Robot

Autonomous - No operator needed

Save up to 60% on labor costs over 3 years

Re-assign workers to more complex tasks

About the RT-1000 Scalable Robot Platform

Can transform from a large-scale field mowing robot to a snow clearing robot by simply switching out attachments. 

  • Fits on a trailer used to transport a typical riding mower
  • Onboard computer connects to Robot Operations Center
  • Can be started and monitored via mobile phone app
  • Pauses automatically when sensors detect obstacles in its path
  • Mows up to 2 acres and clears 2 miles of sidewalk per hour
  • Gas-powered, able to mow up to 20 acres on one tank of gas
  • Accesses pre-programmed area path to begin work
  • Available in Snow and Turf configurations
Turf Mowing Attachment
  • Mow autonomously all day
  • More frequently-mowed lawns need less water and are healthier
  • Shorter clippings easily composted back into turf.
Snow Clearing Attachment
  • Clear sidewalk snow 14 times faster vs. manual labor
  • Continually run ‘SnowBot’ to keep snow from accumulating
  • Apply de-icer before snow falls or after clearing snow.
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