Press Release – World’s First Autonomous Commercial-Class Snow Clearing Robot to Ramp Production in 2018 as Left Hand Robotics Receives $3.7M in Seed Financing

World’s First Autonomous Commercial-Class Snow Clearing Robot to Ramp Production in 2018 as Left Hand Robotics Receives $3.7M in Seed Financing

August 7, 2018 (Longmont, CO) – In response to market demand, Left Hand Robotics is initiating production of SnowBot Pro, the first commercial class self-driving snow clearing robot. A single SnowBot Pro can complete the work of 14 shovelers in the same amount of time. Commercial snow management companies and municipalities can reduce their labor costs by up to 80%. Seed financing of $3.7 million led by Heroic Ventures will expand the team and scale production.

SnowBot Pro will be produced in Colorado and delivery begins late 2018. SnowBot Pro is $32,995 plus an annual software subscription. “SnowBot Pro is changing how snow management operators plan for snowstorms,” says Terry Olkin, CEO and Co-founder of Left Hand Robotics. “It can start as soon as the snow falls and run without supervision throughout the storm so sidewalks are always clear; this is critical for hospitals, airports, business and academic campuses, retail shopping centers, and municipalities. Late nights and long hours spent shoveling increase the chance of injury, and labor has always been a highly unpredictable cost for this industry. SnowBot Pro is a fixed cost that can pay for itself in the first year,” adds Olkin.

SnowBot Pro is smart and connected to the cloud. GPS-controlled, it follows a pre-programmed path unassisted to clear sidewalks and bike paths with down-to-the-inch accuracy. Technologies include LIDAR and RADAR sensors that detect obstacles and allow SnowBot to drive itself safely. Onboard cameras automatically take before and after pictures included in post-action job reports, and monitoring systems allow an operator to monitor the SnowBot in real-time from the web or a mobile device. SnowBot can pre-treat walks ahead of a storm and apply solid or liquid deicer immediately after clearing snow. About the size of an ATV, its compact size is specifically engineered to maneuver sidewalks with ease.

“We invest in visionary companies with the potential to impact huge industries,” says Matt Robinson, Founder and Managing Partner of Heroic Ventures, an early Left Hand Robotics investor and the lead for the Seed round. “Left Hand Robotics is bringing the first autonomous robot to the commercial snow management market. In just two years they have designed and launched software and robots that virtually eliminate snow shoveling. The team is incredible and focused on delivering the world’s most advanced robotics technologies and software management systems,” says Robinson. Others participating in the $3.7M Series Seed round include Hardware Club, PV Ventures and Stout Street Capital.

Today snow management operators can calculate their Return on Investment (ROI) on a SnowBot Pro purchase based on their current costs for manual snow removal. Using the ROI Calculator, an operator can input manual clearing data and an hourly pay rate to calculate their own Breakeven, cost savings on labor, and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Reservations are being taken for the 2018-19 snow season. To use the calculator and see SnowBot Pro in action, go to


About Left Hand Robotics
Left Hand Robotics has developed the first commercial self-driving, snow clearing robot capable of removing snow from sidewalks. The SnowBot Pro is a state-of-the-art GPS-navigated robot that operates autonomously to address the biggest problem commercial, residential and municipal snow management operators face – the high, unpredictable cost of manual, snow removing labor.

Based in Longmont, Colorado, Left Hand Robotics was founded with a vision to bring safe, robust, and innovative automation and advanced technology solutions to outdoor industries thus allowing businesses to scale by reducing costs due to labor. The Left Hand Robotics founding team brings over five decades of experience in software and robotics to difficult problems such as snow removal. The SnowBot Pro is available for the 2018-19 snow season. Go to to learn more.


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Press Release – World’s first self-driving, commercial-class snow clearing robot now operating at pilot customer locations across North America


World’s First Self-Driving, Commercial-Class Snow Clearing Robot From Left Hand Robotics Now Operating at Pilot Customer Locations Across North America

Company to ramp SnowBot Pro production in 2018 to meet initial demand

March 1, 2018 (Longmont, CO) – Left Hand Robotics has developed the first self-driving robot to clear snow from sidewalks, dramatically reducing labor expense for snow management operators while producing better overall results. Tedious, repetitive, physically taxing snow shoveling is the ideal task for a robot.

SnowBot Pro pilot customers across North America are responsible for snow management at hospitals, airports, business and academic campuses, retail shopping centers, and local municipalities. A job that typically takes eight snow shovelers an hour to clear is completed in the same amount of time with one SnowBot Pro. Customers see the SnowBot Pro as a way to significantly reduce their labor costs, clear snow faster, and improve safety — as one in four slip-and-fall accidents is attributed to snow and ice.

State-of-the-art technologies enable the GPS-navigated robot to operate autonomously to clear snowy sidewalks with down-to-the-inch accuracy. It has five types of sensors, including LIDAR and thermal sensors for safety. Customers monitor the robot’s progress in real-time from the web or mobile phone apps. Read more

6 Questions Snow Removal Pros Ask the First Time They See the SnowBot Pro


Left Hand Robotics CEO & Co-founder Terry Olkin answers the most commonly-asked questions we hear.

1. How big is the SnowBot Pro?

The first time snow management pros see the SnowBot Pro, they have a lot of questions. Thinking about the impact robotics can have on their industry is new to them, but it gets them excited. When prospective customers see the SnowBot Pro in person, their reaction is usually, “Wow, it’s smaller than I imagined!” In fact, because the SnowBot Pro is specifically designed for sidewalks and pathways, it has a track width of just 34”, and including the rotating broom it has an overall width of four feet (the width of a typical sidewalk).

Because there is no need to accommodate an operator, the robot’s main body is only about three feet tall, with the sensor tower extending about two more feet above the body. Its compact form factor makes it easy to transport on any typical equipment trailer, but don’t be fooled — the SnowBot is robust, it is built with commercial-grade hardware to ensure it can withstand the harsh conditions that come with snow removal. Click to watch the video above to see SnowBot Pro in action. Read more

SnowBot Pro Hits the Colorado High Country – See video

A few days ago, we loaded up a SnowBot Pro and drove 60 minutes west of the Left Hand Robotics headquarters in Longmont, Colorado to the Colorado high country in search of fresh snow.

We were lucky to arrive in the early morning to find newly fallen snow, and it wasn’t long before we had the SnowBot Pro off the trailer and clearing snowy sidewalks. Click the image above to watch the video.

Read more

SnowBot Pro units will be delivered to Pilot Customers for 2017-18 season

Hi, I’m Terry Olkin, Co-founder and CEO at Left Hand Robotics. Today marks the first day of our Blog, and it’s a great time to give an update on what we’ve been doing. It’s been a fast-paced summer for us — and here are just a few of the highlights:

In June, we debuted our first product, the SnowBot Pro, at the Snow & Ice Management Association (SIMA) event in Montreal. We couldn’t have anticipated the overwhelming response as we talked to snow management pros. I thought we might raise some eyebrows with our self-driving robot that can clear snowy walkways in one pass, but everyone I talked to assured me this is just what the industry has been waiting for.

Our goal was to find 4-5 companies ready to take the technology leap and join our SnowBot Pilot Customer program for the 2017-18 snow season, but dozens of folks filled out the pilot program application to participate.

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