SnowBot Pro debuts mowing attachment at GIE Expo

SnowBot Pro is the first commercial, self-driving robot to clear snow from walkways. Soon SnowBot users can switch out the rotating brush for a mowing attachment to mow roadsides, medians and open fields — those large areas that need cutting, but can take hours with a manned mower.

 SnowBot Pro in New Products Showcase
SnowBot Pro with mower attachment in Booth #10062

We’ve always known it just made good sense to leverage all the SnowBot Pro self-driving technology we developed to complete other outdoor tasks, so mowing is a natural extension for us. In the same way a user maps a route using our path data collection tool, soon a route can be mapped and saved to mow large areas automatically. Now contractors and landscapers for which snow clearing is just one part of their business can use their SnowBot Pro year round.

Snow clearing and mowing are physically demanding tasks that are ideally suited for robots, and based on the overwhelming response we’ve had to SnowBot Pro, it’s clear the industry is ready to embrace innovative technologies that will let them work more efficiently. We filled our 2017-18 Pilot Customer Program in less than 60 days after the launch of SnowBot Pro, and we’re taking reservations now to purchase SnowBot Pro for the 2018-19 snow season. Production will be limited, so learn more about Priority Reservations if you don’t want to risk missing out.

This winter we’ll be sharing stories and videos of SnowBot Pro in action at our Pilot Customer locations around North America, so sign-up for our newsletter to get all the latest Left Hand Robotics news!


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