The first ever commercial-class,
self-driving robotic mower is here

Just program, start and mow

Reduce Labor, Save Money & Have Healthier Turf

The Robotic Mower is ideal for many large-scale mowing jobs

The self-driving Robotic Mower mows up to 20 acres on a single tank of gas.


Sports Complexes

Highway Medians

Parks & Bike Paths

Sod Farms

Trails & Open Space

Benefits of a Large Scale Field Mowing Robot

Reduce Labor Costs

  • Reduce operational costs by up to 80%
  • Mow as much as 20 acres on 1 tank of gas
  • Re-focus employee time on other areas of the business.

Improve Turf

  • Operate autonomously 24/7 via app
  • Mow during off hours to maximize lawn life
  • Mow more frequently and save on water costs.

Reduce Operational Risk

  • Complete time-stamped data into Job Completion Reports
  • Stop when sensors detect obstacles in its path
  • Takes and stores before and after pictures while mowing.

Specification Highlights

  • Cutting width:
  • Cutting height:
  • Base weight:
  • 63’’
  • 1.5’’ to 6’’
  • ~1250 LBS
  • Overall length:
  • Overall width:
  • GPS:
  • 124’’
  • 65’’ (mower)
  • Redundant dual-band GPS receivers with inch accuracy

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