Robotic Mower Usage Restrictions

As a user of the RT-1000 with mowing deck attachment robot, you understand and agree to only use the robot subject to the following current restrictions:

  • The robot and its mowing attachment is designed to work on fields that are meant to be maintained.  It is not appropriate for sensitive lawns (such as golf course greens or fairways) nor for brush clearing.
  • The field to be mowed should have few, if any, internal, permanent obstacles or structures that will need to be driven around.  That is, the early version the robot’s software is designed for mostly open, clear fields.
  • The distance between obstacles must be wider than the width of the mower (plus error margin) in order for the robot to go between the obstacles.  Otherwise, the robot will treat two obstacles that are too close as a single, solid obstacle.
  • The field to be mowed must have a clear view of the sky in all directions and have minimal tree coverage.  (The robot relies on GPS which needs a clear view of the sky – a direct line of sight to satellites – in order to get the data needed to give it accurate positioning for safe operation.)
  • The field boundary must have a minimum distance from any building or wall.  This distance is based on the height of the wall – the higher the wall (building) the further your boundary will need to be from it.  A good rule of thumb is 1 ft (30 cm) of horizontal distance from the wall for every 1 ft (30 cm) of wall height.  Ultimately, the Area Collection Tool (ACT) will tell you if you are getting good data or not.
  • The entire product relies on communicating with our Robot Operations Center in the cloud (over the Internet).  This requires use of a cellular connection.  Therefore, it is required that the entirety of every path be within range of a decent cellular network signal.
  • This version of the robot will not move backwards while in autonomous mode (it can still be driven backwards in manual/tele-op mode).
  • Only boundaries collected with the ACT that is properly configured can be run by the robot.  This will ensure that the robot can safely stay within the boundary.