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$3.7M to ramp up SnowBot production and grow the team: SnowBots will be out in force across the U.S. for 2018-19 snow season

In June 2017, we debuted the SnowBot Pro at the biggest snow management trade show in the world, the SIMA Snow and Ice Symposium, and today we are planning our production schedule so we can start delivery of brand new SnowBots to all of those on the reservation list in late 2018 — they’re being assembled at our own facility in Longmont, Colorado by the way.

5 Questions with Terry Olkin of Longmont’s Left Hand Robotics

Longmont’s Left Hand Robotics has developed a first-of-its-kind commercial robot designed to clear snow from surfaces such as sidewalks. The startup company, founded in 2016 by Terry Olkin and Mike Ott, is allowing snow removal companies to try its product, the SnowBot Pro. Left Hand Robotics cofounder Terry Olkin with “Snowbot” in Longmont, Colorado on […]

Left Hand Robotics scaling up SnowBots

LONGMONT — Left Hand Robotics Inc., a manufacturer of snow-plowing robots, is ramping up production of its SnowBots through a 10-client pilot program. Left Hand Robotics started its pilot by putting out a request for interested customers — typically contractors who clear snow for large campuses or municipalities or commercial buildings that do it themselves — to […]

Press Release – World’s first self-driving, commercial-class snow clearing robot now operating at pilot customer locations across North America

World’s first self-driving, commercial-class snow clearing robot from Left Hand Robotics now operating at pilot customer locations across North America. The SnowBot Pro is a self-driving, GPS-navigated robot that clears walks more efficiently than shovelers. This dramatically reduces labor costs for snow management operators. The Left Hand Robotics team’s deep expertise spans software, automation and robotics, and in 2018 the company is ramping production to meet high initial demand.

Check out Left Hand Robotics in the news!

For most people, the end of the year is relatively calm as you take time off to spend with family. Businesses tend to go quiet and not much happens in the news. But none of that was true at Left Hand Robotics. We were hard at work putting the final touches on our robots as […]

From the SnowBot Pro to the Google car, self-driving robots & vehicles share many of the same core technologies

At Left Hand Robotics, we’ve built a driverless robot for snow removal, and reservations are being taken now. GPS, LiDAR, and sensors are some of the core technologies at the foundation for self-driving robots for many applications — from cars like the Google self-driving car, to manufacturing, industrial and outdoor tasks. The SnowBot Pro is the first commercial-class, cloud-connected, sidewalk-sized self-driving robot that clears snow automatically.