$3.7M to ramp up SnowBot production and grow the team: SnowBots will be out in force across the U.S. for 2018-19 snow season

I have to say 2018 has been quite a year here at Left Hand Robotics. This year the first SnowBot Pros took their turns clearing snow at sites across the country. We evaluated how they worked in the field and evolved our design and improved our software to get to our production version. Wow, we’ve come a long way! In June 2017, we debuted the SnowBot Pro at the biggest snow management trade show in the world, the SIMA Snow and Ice Symposium, and today we are planning our production schedule so we can start delivery of brand new SnowBots to all of those on the reservation list in late 2018 — they’re being assembled at our own facility in Longmont, Colorado by the way.

A lot of people are excited about a future that includes smart robots like our SnowBot. This year we set out to raise our initial investment capital to grow our team and scale production. Today we announced $3.7M in seed funding to ramp SnowBot production. Early on, investors were first intrigued by the idea of a self-driving snow clearing robot, and then amazed when they saw it in action. Heroic Ventures led this round and was also an early angel investor.

Matt Robinson, Heroic’s Founder and Managing Partner, saw right away that SnowBot can solve a real, industry-wide problem — he sees Left Hand Robotics as part of a larger paradigm shift driven by a new level of innovative automation that is happening in a lot of industries, and snow is just one. Other investors in the seed round include Hardware Club, PV Ventures and Stout Street Capital, and we are glad to have them backing the Left Hand Robotics team and our vision. You can read the entire press release here.

We recently developed an ROI calculator that lets snow management operators calculate their Return on Investment (ROI) on a SnowBot Pro purchase based on their current costs for manual snow removal. An operator can input manual clearing data and an hourly pay rate to calculate their own Breakeven, cost savings on labor, and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Crunching the numbers is the best way to see the clear benefits of SnowBot, in many cases you can see that SnowBot pays for itself in a year.

We are still taking SnowBot Priority Reservations now to hold your spot on the reservations list. If you have questions for our team, please get in touch!



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Terry is the co-founder and CEO of Left Hand Robotics. His 30-year career spans senior leadership roles at Oracle, the founding of multiple startups, and he is an inventor on over 21 patents. Prior to Left Hand Robotics, Terry was a Fellow at the public company Workday, which in 2015 acquired GridCraft, a Boulder-based software startup he co-founded. He mentors youth robotics teams competing in national competitions around the country and is the president of the nonprofit GEAR Alliance.

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